Follow Your Heart


Oh my goodness.

I just finished the book White Jacket Required by Jenna Weber and it blew me away.

Jenna’s story is amazingly inspiring.  What intrigued me the most is Jenna’s courage to follow her heart.  Immediately after college, she went to culinary school.  She wasn’t made of money!  And going back to school after four years of college?  That doesn’t seem rational.

She broke up with her boyfriend of, like, 4 years.  This man was successful and he loved her.  He was a “what every girl dreamed about” type of guy, but she left him.  Jenna goes on to admit that she believed it was possible for them to go on and get married and live “semi” happily ever after.  Now that doesn’t seem right…aren’t we supposed to hold on to a man that we could live at least “semi” happily ever after with?

And then to top it all off, this crazy woman moved to California.  A place where she didn’t know a sole except for Adam, a man she met at a job interview.  Plus she is broke.  Oh, and California is all the way across the country from her home in Florida.  Where is the logic in this decision?!

The truth of it all is, is that if Jenna had listened to logic in these situations, she would never be where she is today.  Logic would have told her that the (obviously) right choice was to stay with the man who loved her and to find a job near her home and her support system.

So what moved her to defy logic?

Her heart 🙂

A lot of Jenna’s decisions were based on feelings.  If it did not feel right then she did not try to force it.  The interesting thing about following your heart is that while it is right, it is not always easy.

While Jenna knew her decisions were what she wanted, she was still scared.  She still cried when she broke up with Ryan and had second thoughts about her decision.

But look where she ended up.

She ended up in California with the job of her dreams as a paid food blogger, author and the happy girlfriend of Adam, a man who loves cooking and wine as much as she does.

I don’t believe for a second that her life is perfect.  Of course she still has problems, and perhaps she still struggles with some of the same demons she faced before she made these life changing decisions.

I am, though, convinced that her life is better now than it would be if she hadn’t followed her heart.

This book has got me all excited.  My friend Jared just happened to text me when I finished the book…I went on to ramble off a long list of my passions and true loves in life over a text message. I followed up with, “What do you love?!?”

Poor guy…probably just wanted to discuss the school day and maybe the Broncos game…nope! 

This book is further proof that the key to happiness is following your heart.

But how do you know where your heart is leading you?

How can you differentiate between your heart, your head and the world?

Good question….

Uhm…maybe I should google that one…

Ha ha!  Ok while I’m not completely sure of the answer to these questions, I think I have a start on how to successfully follow your heart.

One must know who they are before they can follow their heart.

Once you figure out what makes you feel alive then you will know the direction to go.

For me, food has always brought color and excitement to life.  I love reading cooking magazines, watching the food channel and cooking for my friends.

While I love food, I am not attracted to the stress of a restaurant kitchen and it’s not my passion to prepare foods that are not healthy, even though they may taste like heaven.

In addition to food, here’s what else I love: running, painting, yoga, hiking, camping, tennis, missoula, kids, teaching, creative writing and getting to know new people.

Mmk perfect…should be easy to figure out my path since those are all so similar…

While it is great to have a wide variety of interests, I think the next step is to find the base of your passions.

When I was a senior in high school, I realized that the base of my passion is a desire to love others.

Part of this comes from my relationship with God.  God loves me so much.  He loves everyone, every where so much!  He never abandons me and He loves me even though I do not always deserve it.  Seeing and experiencing the perfect love of God inspires me to try and spread that same love here on earth.


Because it is so good.  Love wins.  Every time!  Love is what I want my life to driven by and centered on.

As goes the motto of Delta Gamma: “Do Good”.  That’s what I ultimately want to do!

Will I love people by selling them healthy oatmeal cookies and kale smoothies at my own bakery?  Will I do good by teaching kids how to do math and how to sing they’re ABC’s?  Or will I end up in Japan working as a translator in a funny hotel that smells like sushi?

You know, I am really not sure!

But because I want to follow my heart and I trust the God who is close to my heart…I have faith that wherever my heart takes me it will be good and probably even awesome!

But I do need to pray that God keeps me aware of who I am and what I stand for.  And that He gives me the courage to follow my heart when I feel it tugging me.

Golly gee…

I don’t know what got into me tonight.  Yes I did eat a huge, no bake cookie….

Yes I was listening to Firework by Katy Perry while I wrote this…

And, yes, I do admire Jenna Weber oh so much.  Thank you Jenna for your inspiring book!  It triggered thoughts and feelings that I know are worth staying up late to blog about 🙂


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