Holy Cow.  Yesterday was the bomb.
No really, allow me to convince you.
Today was the Mountain West Cross Country meet for a bunch of high schools in MT and Washington.  This race is always a blast because there are SO many runners and the race is on a beautiful golf course.
This year was extra special because the lovely Rachel, Mckenna and Becca (all Seniors on my high school cross country team) spent the night at Delta Gamma.  These girls are FAST but the Mountain West race is super competitive to for a varsity spot so the girls came up to cheer on their team.  We had a sleepover in Delta Gamma…it was grand πŸ™‚
Today we woke up at the crack of dawn (7:30) and went on a run!  Then we stopped by the Buttercup Caffe for this:
Yes that is a warm, blackberry bran muffin. Oh, how I loved every crumb of it.
We took our muffins and coffee on the road and walked to the golf course to watch the race.
The race was awesome!!  We watched a kid win the boy’s varsity race with a time of like 14 minutes and 20 seconds…mind officially blown.
One can really work up and appetite watching and admiring all that athletic talent….so we hit up the Mustard Seed after the race. 
I had my favorite Chinese Chicken salad with avocado, mandarin oranges, peanuts, chicken, tomatoes, miso vinaigrette and rice sticks.  The Mustard Seed never fails to make me so happy!
After lunch, my family and I (and Lauren…basically family!) walked around the  mall a.k.a Lauren and I smelled Fall scented candles and men’s cologne in Bath and Body until we were dizzy and asked to leave. 
After my family left, I didn’t have much time to spare.  I had to get ready for the big event, the second annual Light the Path dinner for The Girls Way.
The Girls Way is a program that provides adolescent girls of all backgrounds with a positive, safe place to grow, learn and play.  It offers yoga, art, dance and teaches girls about healthy living.  Dang…if only I was 18 or younger…then I could hang out there too! 
Tonight, the girls in charge of the program put on a silent auction and formal dinner event to fund raise money for this awesome program.  I think the event went better than anyone imagined it would.  We all knew it would be incredible…these ladies worked their butts off…but it was just plain FABULOUS!
Where do I come into all of this?  My sorority sister, Taylor (the girl we all want to grow up to be!), is one of the women in charge of the program. She asked for volunteers to sell wine and wait on tables and I am so glad I said yes! 


There’s Claire and I in our waitress outfits! I think we  played the pretty part well…Claire is one of the most fun and outgoing people I know and it was so much fun to spend time with her!

Since I’m me, of course I snuck back into the kitchen to chat with the caterer and bring you some pictures from behind the scenes!

Let’s start with dessert.  They made cheesecake bites with an oat based crust, how cool is that?!  I’ve seen an Oreo crust and a Graham cracker crust but oats?!  These people have some class!  They were so yummy.
Oh and the picture on the left? That my friends is the perk of being a waitress.  When the caterer starts to burn the brownies, they do not go out to the party.  Oh no, they stay in the back room and you, yes you! can eat little spoonfuls of gooey brownie batter every time you have to walk back to the kitchen…suddenly I had so many reasons to be back there…
Dinner was amazing and we ate outside in the moonlight! Eek it was SO pretty and perfect.  Grilled salmon, rice, beans, salsa, a huge salad of fresh romaine with a mustard vinaigrette, green beans and these little spicy, cheesy bundles.
The cheesy bundles were a hunk of pepper jack cheese and a green Chile pepper that the cooks rolled up in wanton wrappers and pan fried…besides the brownies, it just may have been my favorite thing they made!
After dinner the show started.  A little fire dancing may have happened.

And then this happened too!  This lady was like an acrobatic, super cool, sheet gymnast?  Obviously, words cannot describe it…but I couldn’t believe my eyes it was so cool!
At the end of the night, the girls way fund raised a ton of money…we are talking like thousands of dollars!  It was SO much fun to be a part of this event.  I am not opposed to working for a catering business and I’m so hoping I am invited back to help and eat brownie batter next year πŸ™‚

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