Bliss and Karma

What. A. Week!

Well hello!  It’s been so long since I’ve been able to write anything on here…and my phone is bursting at the seams with pictures of food that I never got to post about.

This week started out with my bike getting stolen, PMS, running out of natural peanut butter and 4 tests to take….does it get any worse than that?!  If so, you can count me out!

On Thursday of this week I came home and I felt completely overwhelmed.  My homework for the week was piling up and I still had 2 tests to study for and pass…I had one hour before my next class to eat lunch, finish my math, finish the science and start the studying…I felt like there would never be enough time in the world to pull it off and meet my own expectations.

Then I ran into Halle.  She asked me how my day was going, and I started to talk about it and ended up crying right there in the front yard at 12 in the afternoon.  She just sat and listened to my life story of how “my GPA is going to be a 1 if I’m lucky this year”…my dramatic side never fails to come out when the tears do.

We talked it out while I ate my packed lunch.  Afterwards, I went home and started working on my math.  I still couldn’t figure out the problems that I was stuck on two days ago…and so I decided to stop stressing out and move on.

I went to math and, guess what?! It didn’t matter one bit that I hadn’t figured out every problem.

After math, I went out on the oval and studied in the sunshine.

That’s when I noticed that it was the first time the sun had been out and shining without a smoky haze.  The sun was warm on my back and it felt SO good!
I was starting to feel a little better about life at that point.  I began to believe that my GPA wouldn’t be so bad…perhaps a 2.0 was in my reach! 😉  I may have been drowning in studying ancient Greece and struggling to memorize the date of the Gold Rush in Montana, but at least the sun was out, right?!
It is so easy to get caught up in your own problems…it sure is for me at least!  Sometimes it feels like you are in the midst of so much chaos that will never end…but it always does!  And until it ends, all you can do is cling to the good things in your life to get you through.  There’s so much good…the sunshine, your faith, your friends and family, running, your best friend who still loves you’re sad, blubbering self, yoga, dancing, chocolate, the weekend?!
So I put away my history study guide and walked to the gym to meet up with Halle.  On my walk there, I caught a glimpse of a bike that looked suspiciously identical to my own that disappeared Monday….
The instant I recognized it was indeed my own I started screaming like a 5 year old on Christmas morning and I dropped all my books
I could have kissed the tires…I missed my bike SO much! 
I kept joking with people that someone must have just borrowed it. and that I was praying every night that they kept my bike safe and returned it when they were done…
…that wasn’t a joke.
I’m starting to wonder if Karma really does work…
The silly person who took it tried to disguise it with a little spray paint, but I know my bike when I see it!
And c’mon people, if you’re gonna try and disguise a bike…at least invest a few more bucks in the spray paint so you can provide a more decent coverage…honestly!
Today I woke up EARLY and ate a big bowl 1/2 cup oats, splash of milk, 1/3 plain organic yogurt, 1/2 sliced banana with a handful of blueberries and almonds!  I studied for a good hour and then got showered and ready in a record time of about 18 minutes…Man, I was moving.
After music class, I walked to Western Civilizations and got that test DONE baby!  I hope that is the last time I ever have to write about the fall of Rome and the Pelyponessian War.  I do regret though that I didn’t run into class yelling, “For Sparta!”
Then Halle and I had lunch and studied for our MT history test…this is a picture of a super yummy dinner we made earlier this week though!  It was balsamic, pesto, quinoa, and LOTS of veggies…mmmm.
  Anyways, studying…to remember that the American Fur trade started in 1840’s we remembered the “furry 40s”…good gracious…the journalism building is a quiet place, but we sure killed that atmosphere today with our obnoxious laughter at our own jokes!
Then we got that test done TOO!
whaodksfjsoakvnsld;ijfo;lasfjslkd!!!  NO MORE TESTS!!!!!
For a little bit at least!
I could not be more thrilled.   
Lesson of the week: When times get tough you have to find ways to create your own bliss.  Focus on what is good in your life. and you just might be able to convince yourself that the world is in fact not ending.
Lesson Number 2: Don’t leave your bike unlocked 😉



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