Halle’s Post

Hi! My name is Halle! Most of you reading this don’t know me from adam, all you know about me is the lies Makensie spills on here. Don’t believe a word she says. Not. A. Word.

Okay just kidding. I am an avid reader of this blog and so far she hasn’t bashed me too bad, yet! Hopefully she never reveals my embarrasing moments. Actually I hope she does, I embrace the fact that I am a wreck sometime! Anyway, I am going to attempt to blog. I am not much of a blogger so here goes nothin! But both my best friends (my mama and mak) blog, so I am gonna give it a whirl!

So anywho, I am from Kalispell or what most people call the greatest place on earth. I am a lover of the mountains and the water and so I love doing anything outside! Along with makdaddy I love to run! I also love my mama, she is my main squeeze. I LOVE cupcake wars. Mmm πŸ™‚ I also love to tube! I feel like there is more to my life than these few tidbits but I will spare you from that!

I am sure you all could agree that Makenzie sure has things figured out. I feel so blessed to have such a dear friend with such wisdom! Damn she knows what she is talking about.

As I am typing we are preparing to make some popcorn, through in a few m & m’s and have a nice night in πŸ™‚ But before I sum up my first blogging experience I want to leave you with my two cents!
I believe in appreciating and embracing everything around you! Be thankful for yourself! For your body! For your brain! For you breath! For your home! For your friends and family! For the air and earth beneath you! For everything! Live your life with gratitude! Be thankful for the advice you can give and receive and for blogs like this one for giving a breath of fresh air, down to earth advice, and goofy recipes and jokes πŸ™‚

Thank you Kenz for being such a blessing in my life and those around you! This blog is such a good reflection of your wisdom and how special of a person you are!

Hope this post made you proud snoop! But for now, I better let you handle the bloggin thang. You really possess that umph a good blogger needs! But thanks for letting me take over for awhile πŸ™‚

And as we would say,

Keep it poppin, droppin, and real real hot!

Halleberryhalleberry πŸ™‚


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