Let Go…Eat a Cookie

Happy Wednesday!  Goodness.  I sure am on a roll for blogging late at night (10:50 PM now and 11:00 PM comin’ in hot).  If this post ends abruptly, it is most likely because I fell asleep at the keyboard.
Today was so nice.  I naturally woke up 15 minutes before my alarm and something inspired me to get up and run right then instead of waiting until 3 PM.  It felt so good to start off the day with some exercise and it also was so nice to shower AFTER breaking your daily sweat.
When I came home from a long day of class I found this on my desk:
It is not everyday I am greeted by mini makeup samples!  The little bag contained a new brush, eye shadow, the cutest little pot of bare minerals foundation and DuWop lip gloss.
And a sample of leila lou perfume which is “the alluring scent of innocence and freshness’…ooh la la.  But it really is! Eeek!  I just love smelling innocent and fresh!
The mystery of who left this bag of pure magic on my desk didn’t take long to solve….
It was obviously this kid. 
Shelbi Ann is such a sweetheart.  She is the queen of leaving notes and the cutest random gifts…all done with great intentions and an honest desire to be anonymous…but I know every time 🙂 
One of my favorite quotes is “All the beautiful sentiments weigh less than a single lovely action.”
Way to put love into action Shelb!  A gift is coming your way soon…maybe a refill on mini luna bars? 😉  They’re gonna go fast now that we both know the location of your secret, mountain high stash…
A quote that helps me in times when you are unsure if you should act or not is
“Let Go, Let God.”
I’m slowly learning that if I do believe that God is faithful and powerful, than my prayers are enough action.  There are times when I pray about something, and then I spend my time chewing my nails and eating too much granola while I worry about what I should be doing to fix this something I prayed about…
It’s a difficult concept to grasp and trust, but I’m starting to have moments of insight where I know I can be still and let God do his thing.
God’s got it under control.  We can relax!
Really he is.  Heavens knows something beyond our own coordination kept Halle and I alive when we rode one bike to the UC to indulge in a giant monster cookie tonight.  It’s our new favorite activity.  I sit, she peddles! Hmm…I wonder who got the short stick there…
We’re halfway through the week everybody!  Try trusting the man upstairs and letting go of a few problems, hopefully it clears enough time in your schedule to buy yourself a monster cookie 🙂
P.S Don’t sweat it if some cookie gets in your teeth…this look is what the men want…trust me. 


4 thoughts on “Let Go…Eat a Cookie

  1. What a wonderful day you had! Shelbi is so so sweet too! A lovely entry, as always Makenzie. We are all so proud of you and look forward to reading each new adventurous and inspiring entry. Oh, and the black teeth? Ha! You remind me of Nicole here at the Cheesecake Factory that night 🙂

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