Suckers, Soccer and Tea

So yesterday I woke up with that feeling…

You know what I’m talking about?  That feeling when your throat is dry and itchy and no matter how much green tea you drink you are still dying of thirst? 

To sum up yesterday, I spent 50% of life in the bathroom, 30% waddling to the bathroom and a majority of the rest of my day was spent eating one of these:

Oh yes I did.  I brought them to science and shared them with Halle and Tim…Tim got the lumpy one on the left…sorry Timmy
Today went much better.  I woke up with a less dry throat and started off the day with this!
Who knew kiwi still existed after life in the elementary cafeteria is over?  It was so yummy with my peanut butter banana toast!
After breakfast I went to the gym for a little running and yoga.  And guess what?!  The yoga is getting easier!  If at any point in life you are feeling weak; do some yoga. 
Seriously, it’s impossible to not feel confident and strong in the warrior one or two pose.  I probably should tone it down…I think I look a little two fierce sometimes…
After a HUGE veggie, hummus, feta sandwich which I inhaled too fast to picture it was time for more tea and vitamin C.  And then when the clock struck 4 pm it was time for soccer.
Yes friends, soccer.
From my posts about enjoying yoga and running, you may be under the impression that I am a fairly coordinated individual.  This is proof that you and I must not be friends living in the same town.  It is true that in my senior speech for cross country I thanked everyone for still letting me run with form comparable to a drunken goose…and I am not exaggerating there.
So back to soccer.  Only 5 of our team mates showed and our goalie/team captain, bless his little heart,  was on the verge of climbing into his death bed with a horrible cold.  But hey, where there’s a will there’s a way right?! 
And we lost about 2 to 1243534324.5.  But the real tragedy was no orange slices at halftime…this is going to change real fast. 
To be honest, I really don’t enjoy soccer.  I’m not aggressive and I’m not fast.  But I’m going to keep at it.  It is a great way to meet people.  The weather is still beautiful outside.  And most importantly, an hour of soccer is a darn good excuse to have a bowl of fro yo.
Dinner was a HUGE salad with hummus, blue cheese, hot sauce and every veggie in the house.  Finished in record time of about 2 minutes.
After dinner it was time for homework…which usually is a bummer but not when you do it with your best friends at the lovely Liquid Planet coffee shop.
After about an hour of physics we took a much needed break and read this:
Holy.  Guacamole.
I was laughing so hard!
Mostly because I can see this happening to me…and it’s fairly possible it already has…
I’m not sure if I’ll ever muster up the courage to tell a personal fart story on my blog for the world to see….I’ll sleep on it and we’ll see how I feel in the morning.  Night Night!

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