The Best Day Ever….?

Remember my post about the best day ever?  It might have ended a little like this…

I. Laughed. So. Hard! 
In fact, I’m still laughing.  It was just grand.  Halle and Wiley tried to strain the pasta as a team…
Wiley: “Nice and easy now…good…”
Halle: “Whoa..ah!!….uh oh”
Wiley:….”are you kidding me!?”
As college kids we don’t have a whole lot of funding…or the patience to whip up another batch so it’s possible that we scooped it out of the sink, washed it off and tried our best to forget what happened five minutes earlier.
It was alright!….A little watery…a little disgusting maybe…but we’re all still alive and well so no worries!
But really, it is perfectly okay to skip the “dump in the sink” step when cooking pasta.  Believe me, it will turn out just fine.
And if you’re craving spaghetti with meat sauce…check this out…ASAP

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