The Best Day Ever

Hello!  How are you?  Doing well I hope…apparently I’m doing pretty fine…

I started this blog in late August…so It’s almost been 1 month…and after 11 posts I already have one titled “The Best Day Ever”.  Good grief.

I just can’t help it though!  I get so excited about the simplest things.  Today I got done with class at noon, had a fantastic lunch, went shopping at the good food store and I’m cooking spaghetti with my friends Halle and Wiley tonight.  Boom swagger.

Just wait until something actually amazing happens to me…like my first teaching job, getting engaged or having a baby.  It’s honestly debatable if I’ll survive the excitement. 

Today started off great.  I slept in a little and then laced up my shoes for a 2 mile jog around my neighborhood.  It was hard getting out of bed, but afterwards I was happy and high off exercise endorphins as usual!

After a hot shower and a quick breakfast, I headed to Yoga…Yay!  Today the teacher talked about how doing yoga is a great way to improve your diet.  After all that detoxification and holding those deep, twisty poses, the last thing you want to do is eat a Big Mac.  More importantly, you do not want to eat a heavy meal before practicing yoga…I once ate too much oatmeal and those twists were not feeling so hot!
After yoga, the real greatness began. 
My most wonderful and generous pal Lauren invited me to join her at the Food Zoo for lunch today.
If you don’t go to the U of M, the Food Zoo is our school cafeteria. And I LOVE it.  Hint, hint to anyone with extra money on their meal plan account…I’ll always happily join you.  Always.
First stop: the dried fruit bar.  One day freshman year I stopped here to grab a few apricots and banana chips to snack on while I tried to choose what else to eat.  Yes, I am that girl walking around eating while I choose what to eat…it’s pathetic! 
Mmhmm.  That’s college cafeteria food.  Does it get any better?! Local, Montana Wheat bread, hummus, local sprouts, spinach, edamame, cranberries and a healthy scoop of sunflower seeds.  With a few more veggies on the side and the sweetest nectarine I’ve had in awhile.  It was awesome.
After lunch I worked on some homework and ended up turning in my application to the Teacher Education Program…which is a big step in the process of graduating as a teacher…so yay!  Then I rode my bike to the Good Food Store to buy ingredients for the spaghetti dinner.  I had every intention to buy spinach for a salad until I saw these…
Watermelon season is ending fast so I knew what I had to do.  I also just had to buy a few of these…they were so gorgeous!

After my grocery shopping, I stopped by a darling little coffee shop called The Buttercup to sit down and write this post!
I have to admit, as I am writing about my day and reflecting on it now…it was a pretty average day.  But I was just so excited for all of it.
I think that is an important key to happiness.  Appreciation for the little things.  What little things get you all excited?  Maybe waking up to jog or seeing nectarines in the cafeteria doesn’t make your jaw drop.  That’s perfectly okay!  But I’m sure there are a few little things that you can find great joy in.  And if one can find excitement in moments that are really quite common and average…you may find that every day becomes a competitor for “The Best Day Ever.”
P.S  The best day ever got a little better when I got to The Buttercup.  I bought this song that I’ve always loved but never knew the name of….it goes a little like…”Its the remix to Ignition/Hot and fresh out the kitchen/Mama rolling that body got every man in here wishin….
I’m such a dork.  But, man, I can’t wait to run to that song!  How can you not giggle at that?
Nothin like a little R. Kelly to start your day off right, eh?
Hope you have your best day ever soon 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Best Day Ever

  1. Your blog post inspired me! What an amazing choice of food the Food Zoo offers students who want to eat local and healthy.You are a highly educated foodie, Makenzie. I look forward to your next post.

  2. Aww shucks guys 🙂 You both are too sweet, I am so happy you enjoying reading my posts!!P.S. ask Halle about dinner tonight if you have a chance….we may have had a little trouble keeping the noodles in the pot while straining….lol

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