Cake Batter and Anchors

Mmm.  Cake Batter.  It’s a trendy thing these days: cake batter fro yo, cake batter fudge…I once even bought cake batter perfume…yeah that was crossing the line.  Cake batter may not be as wonderful as cookie dough but it still satisfies in a pinch.

So when my sweet friend and DG sister Paige asked me to help bake cupcakes for our sorority recruitment, I was quick to answer yes!

Do you wanna stick your face in that bowl?  I won’t judge you if you do.  Only God knows how much of it I ate that night…hey, I had to keep myself awake somehow since we started baking around 10 PM!  We had 3 types of cupcakes to bake: yellow cake, chocolate, and special chocolate for our gluten free friends.  All was calm until these too hooligans joined in on the fun…
Before you knew it cake batter was flying.  There is never a dull moment with these two in the house!  I got cake batter on my face too but not because I am wild and crazy like Kelsey and Shelbi…I’m just uncoordinated.  The measuring cup flew out of my hand while I was trying to scrape batter out of a measuring cup…whoops!
Three batches of cupcakes sure do fly by when you have three girls helping and you are using the industrial sized cupcake pan from the sorority cooks oven. 

And yes, this is completely necessary when cupcakes for a special occasion are on the loose in a house of 40 girls.  Nice work Kelsey.

Check out the finished product!  Is Paige a master at swirling frosting or what?  The frosting had both vanilla and almond extract!  It was smooth, creamy, sweet, almondy….yeah, it was basically bomb.
Cupcake tip #1: Go ahead, use the box cake mix.  It’s so good and everyone knows it.  Anyone who has the nerve or the skills to point out that your cake is from a mix can go home and have a slice of bread for dessert!
Cupcake tip #2: Make homemade frosting.  A good homemade frosting can change your cupcakes from delicious to heavenly.
Paige used a combination of butter, Crisco, powdered sugar, vanilla and almond extract and probably some milk.  Leave a comment if you would like the exact recipe!
Our mini treats decorated the tables of our dining room for the last night of sorority recruitment. 
I couldn’t get over how awesome the room looked.  Some girls in the house made those pink puffballs by hand.  What an easy, affordable decoration, right?  I would use them at my wedding.  Tacky?  Maybe.  Oh, but it is tempting!
It was a successful night for sure.  This last night of sorority recruitment is meant to be intimate and special for all girls involved as the girls going through recruitment decide what sorority is right for them.  I guess the cupcake wasn’t the whole reason I chose Delta Gamma, but I will never forget how delicious it was!  I also remember how much fun I had talking to kind, genuine and intelligent women about soroities, baking and college life when I was sitting at these tables a year ago.  By the end of the evening I knew in my heart that DG was the place for me.
Even if they didn’t serve cupcakes that tasted like heaven, I’d still want this group of women to be the women I call my sisters.  Each and every one of them inspires me to be better in some way. 
And the cupcakes are a pretty great perk, let’s be honest!

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