Feeling Strong

Well hello there!  How is your Thursday going?  Mine is going pretty well.
Started the day off right with a big bowl of oats.  In case you didn’t know, oats are basically my true love. 
Can you believe the size of this bag I just bought?!  The Good Food store here in Missoula has a wonderful bulk section of the store where shoppers can grab a bag and fill it to their hearts content…they are making some serious money off of an oat lovin’ fool like me…and even more money when I saw the dark chocolate almonds…I mean honestly you can not say no.  I also got some natural peanut butter and an organic apple to munch on 🙂
But I’m really not that crazy, I do need that large amount of oats because they are my staple breakfast.  I have a lot of fun ways to prepare them, including chocolate covered strawberry oatlmeal…yum.  And I keep meaning to blog about all my oat recipes, but every single morning I get too excited and hungry and before you know it the oats are gone.  I’ll contact y’all when I acquire some self control.
So after my oats this morning I hoped on my bike and rode to the school gym.  I did the elliptical for forty minutes and it felt really nice on my knees.  I enjoy the elliptical because it seems to do a good job of strengthening the knees and loosening up the legs.
Oh and I also ran into this lovely lady while I was there.  She snuck up behind me and pinched my butt…which scared the living daylights out of me…I do not respond well to sudden touches!  But I couldn’t get mad because it is her birthday today.  Happy Birthday Bethany, we really do all love you!!
After that little fiasco I headed to YOGA class!  Introduction to Ashtonga Yoga to be specific.  I love this class.  I have not done much yoga in my life because it is pretty dang hard.  The downward dog and swan dive poses remind me that my calf muscles are about as tight as the ridiculous, pink, skinny jeans I bought in NY and the high planks remind me that my arms are not as strong as they could be.  I have no idea what has gotten into me, but I am filled with motivation to work to improve these areas of my fitness this semester.
After yoga I got to skip my 2 hour science lab because I finished the worksheet on my own at home…uhm boo to the ya.
I came home starving and snacked on this before lunch.  I drank my tea out of a candy cane decorated mug…Christmas jitters anyone?
 This is my first post without a theme or a real recipe…it’s just about my every day life.  My inspiration for posts like this comes from (of course) Eat, Live, Run.  I love reading her recipes but I mostly enjoy her “diary like” posts about everyday life…it’s interesting to read about other people’s lifestyles.
I’ll end this simple post with a quote that has stuck with me since I saw it on the whiteboard at my home gym in Billings.
“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.  Embrace challenges”
I need to keep this in mind if I am ever going to be able to touch my toes with straight legs in yoga class…lol.
Post about cupcakes coming up soon!

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