Girls Night!

It has come to my attention that this blog is turning more into a restaurant blog than a cooking blog…
My apologies if I am not meeting some people’s expectations.  Just wait until I run out of money…it won’t take long at this rate…and then the real cooking will begin!
But tonight it was time for a girls night!  My friend Lauren and I had spent our Saturday walking around downtown, watching Griz football and studying at Liquid Planet together and we were getting pretty desperate for something fun to do that night.  So we texted Danny and before you knew it we were set up for a night of catching up over appetizers at the iron horse bar.
Before I headed out, I decided to do a bit of appetizer “pre-gaming”

I think it’s a great idea to eat a small salad before hitting up the restaurant for a light dinner of appetizers…you want to get in your veggies but wouldn’t you rather spend money on artichoke crab dip?  I think yes.
After driving around and an awkardly long parallel park session, we finally found ourselvese seated at a tiny, round table in the middle of the crowded, lively bar.  The waiter told us it would be about an hour for any food to come out and we were 100% fine with that.  It’d been a whole Summer since we’de seen Danny; we had some major catching up to do!
Eventually we decided on splitting a quesadilla!
And maybe spinach, artichoke crab dip too…
Maybe as in definitely.
It was all fabulous.  The best part was seeing a friend after being apart for three months and being able to talk and joke like we had never been apart.
After dinner, one of us (Lauren) was really feeling dessert.  So we ventured down the street to the local Mackenzie River Pizza.
Right here may have been the best picture of the night.  Dani looking completely disgusted and Lauren just having the time of her life.
Oh, well hello there.  Somehow this piping hot cookie pizza made it to our table.  Gee dangit…guess we have to eat it now.
I hope each and every one of you someday end up at Mackenzie River Pizza for a Mack Lovin’ because it is truly fantastic in all it’s gooey, chocolatey, melted ice cream glory.
After the Mack Lovin’ something broke loose in our little heads.  Maybe it was the sugar, maybe it was the fact that we hadn’t seen each other in so long, maybe we’ll never know…
But something inspired us to take countless pictures with my CamWow iphone application and laugh until we teared up and almost peed our pants…well I guess I can’t speak for the other girls but I know that I was on the verge of having wet pants a few times for sure.
If you can find friends that make you laugh so hard that you end up trying to convince the waiter that you are in fact sober…you make sure to hold on to them!


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