Sunday Picnic!

My favorite day of the week is finally here: Sunday!
Sundays are just the best to me.  I understand that Monday is right around the corner, but, come on people, let’s not focus on that minor detail.  Sundays usually mean plenty of time for morning runs, church, lounging, cooking and doing whatever the heck you want!
In college, Sunday means it is time for Sunday picnic.
This little tradition started during my freshman year in Missoula.  I’m pretty sure what went down is that it was the first Sunday, the parents had left, and us girls in the dorms had boxes of extra food from our last restaurant outings with the family.  So, naturally, we ended up sitting in a circle on the floor to share everything we could gather. 
It was an instant hit.
I was worried that being split up this year in our living situation would mean that this tradition would die out fast but that’s where I was wrong.  If we have extra food on Sunday we are using it, dang it!
Lauren brought left over pasta and a few other select treats.
I brought salad from my sorority kitchen…real big of me, right?
And Halle supplied the kitchen, the back yard and the cutest little garden.

How bad do you want this in your backyard?

 It was like hitting the jack pot.  The garden was loaded with these cute, little strawberries and plenty of lettuce.
Eventually, we had picked enough and made it back to the kitchen to start our work on dinner.
Of course, we used our hand picked berries, but we also added a lemon cucumber from the farmer’s market.  Yes! Lemon cucumber!  Isn’t it pretty?  We all loved the lighter, cucumber flavor and the crisp texture.
So far, dinner was looking pretty dang good.  And then this bad boy came along.
Boom.  It is difficult to tell but that peach is basically the size of my face.  And it was so good.
The sweet, juicy peach was the perfect compliment to the crunchy cucumbers, fresh lettuce, red berries and the salty, feta cheese that I snuck in there.
We paired our salad with leftover pasta from Caffe Dolce, an Italian restaurant that makes their pasta from scratch.
To top it all off we sat outside on the grass and enjoyed our meal in the cool summer air.
Are Sunday’s underrated or what?

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