Good Vibrations

Granola.  Hippie.  Liberal.  These are some words that are often used to describe the city of Missoula.

Well, I’ve only been here for a week and I feel like the hippie vibes are already changing me.

I wear my chaco sandals with all outfits, I don’t eat much meat but I do eat a lot of hummus and natural peanut butter, I turn down car rides in order to ride my bike instead, and I might have indulged in buying the awesome skirt pictured below….

Do you ever want to wear comfy sweats when the occasion calls for annoyingly tight skinny jeans?  Do you want to eat a little too much Thai food and not have a restricting waist band scolding you the rest of the night?  Do you want to pretend to be a hippie and look cute?!
Then buy one of these long, flowy skirts!  It’s a purchase you won’t regret.
After my little shopping spree, I met up with my mom at a restaurant called Sa-Wad-Dee.  My mom doesn’t live here in Missoula but she was in town for her job.
I’ve never been much for Thai food, but I have to say…these people know how to do it right.

I ordered the Thai salad.  It was shredded carrots, tomatoes, peanuts, lime juice and Thai chillies all mixed up and served with a side of cabbage leaves to scoop up the flavorful mixture.
It was great!  The flavors were perfectly balanced and the veggies were so fresh.  As awesome as it was,  I definitely still had room for some of this…
My mom’s yellow curry rice with chicken.  Once again, the spices were delicious and the veggies were obviously in their prime.
I highly suggest trying out Sah Wad Dee.  But I do NOT under any circumstances suggested ordering the “spicy level” of your food as hot.  Please stick to mild.  Especially if your on a date.  Ladies, you do not want to make your first impression while blowing your nose in your napkin and eating while on the verge of breaking a sweat.
Thank goodness I was on a date with my mom.
And under all circumstances; wear the stretchy, comfy, cute hippie skirt! 


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