101 Days of Real Food….JK

Say hello to Shelbi!
She’s my “big” in Delta Gamma (my sorority!).  If you’re not familiar with Greek fraternities, the term big is probably quite confusing to you…but allow me to explain.  It seems to imply that Shelby is large, but, really, Big is short for Big Sister.  So my big sister is basically my official mentor in Delta Gamma.  There are no requirements for what a Big (Shelbi) does for her Little (me), but I’m pretty sure Shelb goes above and beyond whatever requirements the Greek rule makers may have in mind.
She is awesome!  What I like most about her is that she is super dependable and loyal.  She’s that girl that when you call her and you really need her; she’s there in 10 minutes…tops.  Whether you need her because you need moral support at the hospital, or you just need to steal a bit of her emergency chocolate supply…that may or may not have happened last night…
Has anyone even heard of these?  She’s got like 10 boxes in her room!…but keep that on the hush hush please.
Anyways, one thing Shelby and I have in common is that we both enjoy keeping fit and eating healthy.  So, of course, I was up for joining her when she told me that she was on a 101 days of real food challenge where one abstains from processed food for about 101 days.
Another thing Shelby and I have in common is that we love ice cream. And diet Pepsi.  And chocolate….cough, cough 10 boxes of Goobers…
We tried the challenge for awhile and we have settled on more reasonable conditions.
Which we put into practice today when we went out to lunch.
We have decided we will eat 80% healthy food and about 20% processed, sugar, goober-like food.  It’s all about balance, right?
We had the most delicious fish tacos from El Cazador food vendors in downtown Missoula today.  They were awesome.  Fresh grilled fish, soft corn tortillas, and fresh cilantro salsa. 
We may not be math majors, but we figured that a Mexican strawberry soda was about 10% naughty…which left room for dessert later that night.
All in all, I love my Big.
And 101 days without Goobers or ice cream is just plain ridiculous.

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