Back In Business

Guess what? I’m finally back in Missoula! And I could not be happier.  If you have not been to this city you best be getting your booty down here…but if you do not great local food, hiking, biking, a slight hippie vibe and fun then you might want to stay away.
On my first Saturday in the Zoo, I started the day off right.  With a trip to the downtown farmers market.  And it. Was. Great.

It is pretty hard to beat a morning of walking around downtown in the sunshine in an outdoor grocery store of home grown food, baked goods and free samples.  Then
 These little orange guys were adorable but not very sweet.  It was almost a sad day until I saw the food vending booths…
For my breakfast I chose a pear sauce bran muffin.  I know, I know…it was a pretty kinda really boring choice.  But you might as well know now, I cannot resist a good muffin.  And it did the job…it was moist and chewy and slightly sweet….but let’s be honest it could definitely benefit from some dark chocolate chips mixed in or a smear of peanut butter 
Luckily, I am dating someone who is not as ‘bran’ as myself.  My boyfriend Galen almost always goes big or goes home when it comes to ordering food.  Sometime he regrets this choice when the food coma sinks in…but I am quite thrilled to be dating someone who is an adventerous eater because I somehow always manage to get a bite!  He tried a veggie waffle sandwhich…with bacon…aka the “Dirty Veggie”.  It was pesto, avacado, tomato, and mozzerella cheese pressed inside a thin waffle….yummmm!

It was a perfectly sunny and delicious day.  This week I may or may not be hitting up this booth for home made vanilla chai and strawberry shortcake baked doughnuts….we’ll see if I can break my muffin addiction!


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